Food bank usage is through the roof - we have a national crisis on our hands and the Government's advice? Purchase value brands.

People across the country have been left speechless after comments made by the Environment minister George Eustice last week. In a TV interview with Sky News the MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle advised shoppers that they could “contain and manage their household budget” by purchasing “value brands, rather than own-brand products.” His comments have angered many who believe the Government is failing to realise just how critical the financial situation is right now for so many families. 

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Dorset Council's ecological emergency is a non-starter

In May 2019 Dorset Council declared not only a climate change emergency but also an ecological emergency. 

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“We are absolutely disgusted at the way this council is being manipulated” - Councillors furious as meeting abandoned early

Last Tuesday evening’s BCP council meeting ended abruptly after two councillors, who were believed to have tested positive for Covid-19, were called to attend mid-meeting by their Conservative colleagues. 

Not only did this bizarre move present a major risk to the health of all in attendance, Cllr Tony Trent called the decision “an affront to democracy".

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What's going on in Broadstone

Making life easier for blue badge holders

For many years residents without off-street parking who hold a blue badge have found it difficult to secure parking outside their homes, but we are pleased that the system used for many years in Bournemouth is now rolled out across BCP council area.

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NHS figures reveal Dorset has the second highest waiting time to see a GP

  • Latest national figures show 6.2 million people, or one in four, waited over eight days to get a GP appointment in February

  • Postcode lottery reveals one in three people in some areas waiting one week or more to see their doctor

  • Number of same day appointments falls by over half a million compared to previous month

  • Lib Dems have slammed the broken Conservative promise to hire more GPs and demanded an urgent recruitment plan

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Another error from BCP Council: Eyesore could be installed on residential road in Merley

Merley residents have been left angry and frustrated due to yet another error by Tory-led BCP Council.

Councillor Richard Burton said there are “questions that need to be answered” after it was revealed that telecommunications giant Three have assumed deemed consent to erect a giant phone mast in Sopwith Crescent, Merley. This is following a prior-approval application it made to BCP Council who failed to respond to the application within the given 56 day period. 

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Have Ukrainian refugees been forgotten? Lib Dems challenge council

Since the war in Ukraine started in February, we have been busy working with others to support the humanitarian appeals and provide practical support both in the country and for arriving refugees.

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Sir Ed Davey: The Prime Minister must resign


Sir Ed Davey has called for the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister and Chancellor adding “this is a very serious moment for our country. We cannot have leaders that are dishonest and break the law.”

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What's going on in Canford Heath

Canford Heath Shows Support for Ukraine



As a member of ARCH (Association of Residents of Canford Heath) I am delighted we have teamed up with St Paul's Church to organise a community event at the Church on Saturday 9th April from 11am - 2pm.

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Conservative administration failing to deliver savings

This weekend, Liberal Democrat financial spokesperson on BCP Council, Cllr Mike Cox, revealed that the council was £4 million short on its savings target for this financial year. 

He also revealed that the current predicted overspend of £9 million on the council's current budget had only been rectified by removing money from the reserves, something that is simply unsustainable. 

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