Lib Dems force Dorset Council into parking charges U-turn

Plans to extend the period in which car parking charges apply past 6pm until 8pm have been dropped by the Conservative Dorset council administration. Local Lib Dem councillors across Dorset joined with residents to oppose a move. Local businesses and organisations feared that the extended charges would be the final nail in the coffin for retail and hospitality on many of our high street. Sadly the planned changes to introduce Sunday charges in many place for the first time are still to go ahead.

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Not so "Global Britain"

Whilst the announcement that the Government was rolling back on its legal commitment to spend 0.7% of our Gross National Income (GNI) on International Aid was expected, it is still incredibly disappointing that the Conservatives are content to break a manifesto – and more importantly and moral – promise to the people of the UK and the developing world.

With a shrinking economy, the Foreign Secretary had already withdrawn funding from almost £3b worth of projects to concentrate on the ’40 most vulnerable countries’ in July following the decision to scrap the Department for International Development (DFiD) earlier in the year.

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Stand up for carers

Being a carer can be rewarding and full of love. But it’s far from glamorous. It can be relentless and exhausting.

900,000 full-time unpaid carers rely on Carer’s Allowance – but at just £67.25 a week, it’s not nearly enough. More than a third of those on Carer’s Allowance are struggling to make ends meet. Many have been struggling for months, often relying on foodbanks to feed themselves and the people they care for.

That’s why the Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to immediately raise Carer’s Allowance by £1,000 a year.

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Put service personnel at the heart of new defence spending annoucements, says Vikki Slade

The news that the Government is increasing funding to the Armed Forces should be given a cautious welcome but with a huge caveat.  With its budget cut year on year, the military are unable to keep pace with what they need to spend, so this feels a little like offering the police 20,000 new police officers to replace the 30,000 that they previously cut.


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Lib Dems to bring motion banning badger culling before BCP

Tomorrow night Cllr Vikki Slade and the Liberal Democrats will bring before a meeting of BCP full council, a motion banning the culling of badgers on land owned by the authority supported by Green councillor Chris Rigby.


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Could you be our new Diversity Officer?

MDNP Lib Dems are looking for a diversity officer to join us on our executive!
We have always been a very strong local party in creating gender balance, seeing an improving age spread of our members and we are seeing more LGBT+ engagement too. We have also successfully elected cllrs with disabilities over a number of years.
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MDNP Lib Dems welcome latest government U-turn on free school meals

BCP Liberal Democrats are ecstatic at the news that the government has once again been forced to U-turn on its controversial decision not to provide support to vulnerable children on free school meals over the holidays. There had been a previous U-turn on the issue over the summer but the Conservatives had dug their heels in prior to half-term and refused to extend the support scheme. The announcement came shortly after Joe Biden was declared President-elect, a good day for any government to bury embarrassing news.

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Vikki Slade calls on council to support local children

"I have been deeply saddened to read some of the comments aimed at families whose children receive Free School Meals. The suggestion that "they had them they should feed them" is simplistic, generalising and unfair. Even if true, it should never be for a child to pay the price for decisions made by their parents.
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It's time to rethink Navitus Bay

We live in a period of unparalleled uncertainty, the pandemic has shattered the established status quo around our lives, the way we work, the way we move, the way we think. The economic crisis that has followed has robbed many of their livelihoods and destroyed thousands of jobs that will never return. The climate crisis has seen the hottest ever Septembers for consecutive years. The future has never been so uncertain, but one thing is- the decision on Navitus Bay was wrong.

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New BCP Council Leader breaks first promise on the night he is elected

Last night Conservative Councillor Drew Mellor was elected the new leader of BCP Council, last night he also broke his first promise to his colleagues and residents. Despite a new commitment to "listen", an alliance between the Conservatives and some of the Independents, took away many councillors right to speak in support of the Unity Alliance’s candidate for Leader, Cllr Vikki Slade. A handful of councillors had spoken when, in a highly cynical move an independent councillor proposed that “the vote now be put”, supported by the Conservatives. This put an end to the debate, and brought forward the leadership vote sadly, Vikki was defeated so the council now has a new leader and a Conservative administration despite only getting 28% of the public vote in the 2019 election.

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