Michael Tomlinson breaks promise to people of Mid Dorset & North Poole over unfair tax hike

Michael Tomlinson was one of the 317 Conservative MPs to support the plans. Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the government plans, arguing that they fail to fix the ongoing social care crisis and as the tax rise applies only to incomes under £50,000 - will fall disproportionately on the young, the low paid and small businesses, and those who has suffered the most during this pandemic.

Under the proposal 90% of the expected revenues WILL NOT even be going toward social care for the first three years, but dealing with the crippling NHS backlogs that have existed for years and been exacerbated by the pandemic. Unless the PM expects us to believe he will cut billions from the NHS just before the next election, this money will never be used to fund social care. Yet no one in the Conservative Party seems to want to be honest about the fact that these tax hikes will continue to leave Social Care an under-funded and growing problem, hoping to instead pass on the costs and criticism to local Councils once again.

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BCP 3rd highest council area in UK for "struggling to afford food"


In another indication of the rising cost of living crisis affecting so many people across the UK and South West , BCP because the UK's 3rd highest council area for those struggling to afford food shopping. A staggering 24% of residents now worry about their financial ability to buy food. This is the result of the pandemic and a lack of government and council support for those hardest hit by the pandemic and subsequent recession. 

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Poole Quay toilets and Hamworthy & Redhill paddling pools remain closed to public on hottest day of the year.

In the latest series of non-sensical and inexplicable moves by BCP Council's Conservative administration - it was revealed that crucial public amenities remained unusable on the hottest days of the year so far. Namely the public toilets on Dolphin Quay that have been closed for months - without any confirmation as to why they cannot be opened to the public especially during the extreme weather we are currently experiencing and two children's paddling areas in Hamworthy and Redhill.

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Conservatives set to splash £90,000 of resident's money on new limos for Mayors?

In yet another of its utterly bizarre post-pandemic spending priorities, BCP’s Conservative administration announced plans to spend £90,000 of residents’ council taxes on not one but two brand new cars for occasional use by its ceremonial mayors.


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BCP Lib Dems bring motion calling on Council to challenge government housing targets

BCP Lib Dems will be submitting a motion at the full council meeting tonight, calling on the Conservative administration to write to the government on behalf of residents to challenge these figures and assess the feasibility of meeting these targets as a coastal area surrounded on multiple sides by ocean and protected heathland. You can read the motion at www.middorsetlib dems.org.uk/housing_motion

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What we can learn from our stunning Chesham & Amersham Victory - Vikki Slade

It was a privilege and a joy to be back in Chesham and Amersham again on polling day last week to play a small part in the historic win for the Liberal Democrats, over-turning a Tory majority of 16,000 into a Lib Dem victory of more than 8,000!
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Parliament gagged on International Aid cuts

This week Parliament was denied its voice by first the Speaker and then the Prime Minister. He faced a rebellion of his own MPs over the cut to foreign aid from 0.7% of GDP to 0.5%, led and supported by a former PM in Theresa May and several former Cabinet members and Ministers such as David Davis and Andrew Mitchell and even some of our local MPs. But no vote was allowed to take place.


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Bearwood & Merley Councillors' response to traveller site application.


Your three ward Councillors have recently learned of the planning application APP/21/00503/F for a "gypsy / traveller transit site" on Magna Road and we have met near this site to discuss the application. A number of local residents in Canford Paddock and across Bearwood have already commented on this proposal and we would encourage you all to go online and add your comments for the Planning Officer to consider.

You can comment by following this link: click here



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MDNP Lib Dems pay tribute to "trailblazing" Shirley Williams


Baroness Shirley Williams
27.07.30 – 12.04.21

Daughter of Vera Brittain (author of A Testament to Youth) and George Caitlin, Shirley held many positions over her life time including: MP, Cabinet Minister, a member of the Gang of Four who founded a new political party - the SDP, President of the SDP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, a Professorship at Harvard University and much more.

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Decision Due on Bearwood development

Two large developments in Bearwood and Merley are likely to go to the BCP Planning Committee this spring. These sites were taken out of the greenbelt by the former Conservative led Poole Council.

The first one is likely to be the application to build 695 new houses on land north of Magna Road and Knighton Lane known as UE2, or Canford Park, application number APP/19/00237/P. It will be going before committee on the 18th of March. (This application should not be confused with the Canford Paddock development which is already under construction.)


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