Night time parking charges thrown out

Lib Dems fight for fairer treatment of residents in Wimborne


Plans to charge for night time parking in Wimborne have been thrown out following opposition from Liberal Democrat Councillors and residents.

East Dorset District Council proposed a 10p increase in short stay parking and a new overnight charge between 6pm and 8am of 50p for parking in Wimborne car parks, as well as restrictions on parking permits and charges for blue badge holders.

Liberal Democrats Cllr Shane Bartlett and Cllr David Morgan opposed the night time charges, restrictions on residents’ parking permits and plans to charge disabled residents an administrative fee for their permits.

Cllr Shane Bartlett said: “There was no justification for introducing night time parking charges in Wimborne. It would only have led to evening visitors looking for on street parking and could have had a potential impact on our local economy.

He went on to say that the proposal to restrict the Residents’ Parking Permits was unfair: “With the Conservative cuts to public transport and the rising cost of housing, young people are forced to stay at home with their parents and often need a car to get to employment. Limiting parking permits to two per household is not going to solve parking problems in Wimborne.”

Cllr Shane Bartlett spoke out against these proposals at two Scrutiny Committee Meetings and a Cabinet Meeting. He also opposed charging disabled residents a fee for their permit. The charge will not apply to those that are already in receipt of benefits.

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