What has the EU ever done for us?

As per "The Life of Brian" find out what the EU has ever done for Britain.


Apart From:-

  • Keeping the peace in Europe for 70 years. Not NATO which is simply a defence alliance, the EU provides the cement.
  • Providing co-operation on international terrorism and crime.
  • Providing Passport free travel and co-operative health care.
  • Doing more than the UK to restrain tax dodging.
  • Giving us guidance about Global Warming and the environment.
  • Giving money to depressed regions of the UK.
  • Being our major export market.
  • Providing a forum for co-operation.
  • Providing a common culture.  Wine, Opera, Classical music, Eurovision Song Contest:  Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Athens, Berlin
  • Sport;-  the European Cup, the Ryder Cup, the 6 Nations Rugby.
  • Providing co-operation for trade agreements.
  • Being our European partners.
  • Providing a basis of stability.
  • Making us less self-centred.

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