Landslide victory for Vikki Slade

Community campaigner Vikki Slade elected in the Broadstone by-election with almost 70% of the vote.


Local campaigner Vikki Slade was elected Councillor for Broadstone in a by-election held on 13th October 2016.

She is known in the ward for her strong record of fighting for local people having campaigned for community safety projects, protecting local bus services and maintaining Broadstone’s green spaces.

Vikki, who has served as a local Councillor for Broadstone before, said: “It is a huge honour to have been re-elected as Councillor for Broadstone. I also know that there is much more to do in this area and I will continue to work alongside Mike Brooke as your Councillor to improve our neighbourhood – an area I am proud to call my home."

"As your Councillor I am here to work for you. If you know of any issues that you think we as Liberal Democrats should be taking a look at, please get in touch and then we can talk about them."

Broadstone Councillor Mike Brooke said: “I would like to congratulate Vikki on her landslide election. I know her to be a hardworking, energetic campaigner who cares about improving the lives of local people. She will once again be an excellent Councillor and I am looking forward to continuing our work for the Broadstone community."

The by-election will took place on Thursday 13th October and the results are as follows:

Liberal Democrats 2184
Conservative 733
UKIP 121
Green 57
Labour 45

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