Over 2500 signatures! PETITION - No to traffic lights at junction Dunyeats Rd. and Gravel Hill

Wow! In just a matter of weeks, over 2,500 residents have signed the petition to say 'No!' to Poole Council's plan to demolish the roundabout and traffic lights installed on the Gravel Hill/Dunyeats Road junction.


The roundabout junction that joins Gravel Hill and Dunyeats Road could be demolished and traffic lights put in instead. Residents fear that this would result in even longer queues at rush hour times along both roads.

The proposed works on Gravel Hill scheduled to start next year and last for 8 months include the replacement of the Crematorium Roundabout at the junction of Dunyeats Road and Gravel Hill. We believe that this is unnecessary since traffic flows smoothly at present and any delays at peak times are relatively brief, especially on Dunyeats Road. The installation of traffic lights will, by their very nature, interrupt traffic flows, prevent the smooth access onto the junction and cause additional delay since traffic movements are halted.


Canford Heath Councillor Sandra Moore said, “There is no evidence to suggest that traffic lights are the solution to the traffic problems on Gravel Hill. In fact, it’s likely that they would just add to them. Everyone I have spoken to thinks the idea is crazy. They all want to see the roundabout retained.”

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson and local campaigner, Vikki Slade said, “I have received numerous letters from concerned residents. Not only are the traffic lights completely unnecessary but a huge waste of taxpayers’ money. We cannot allow the plans to go ahead.”

Canford Heath Councillor Jennie Hodges added, “We believe there are alternatives that could improve the situation for pedestrians and cyclists without having to destroy the roundabout and would be happy to discuss these with Transportation Services before any decision is made.”

If you agree that the installation of traffic lights at this junction is both unnecessary and a waste of money please sign the petition below which states:

"We the undersigned believe the replacement of the Crematorium Roundabout at the junction of Dunyeats Road and Gravel Hill will not only unnecessarily interrupt traffic flows but will also increase congestion. We request Poole Transportation Services listen to the views of local residents and users of the Crematorium Roundabout and withdraw the plans to replace the roundabouts with traffic lights."


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