Tim Farron elected leader of the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have elected Tim Farron to be their new leader.


After fantastic campaigns from the two candidates, nearly 34,000 members voted in the leadership election - Tim Farron received 19,137 votes and in second place Norman Lamb received the backing of 14,760 people. 

Tim said, "To say it is an honour is an understatement of epic proportions."

Yesterday at Islington Assembly Hall in North London he addressed members in his first speech as leader where he spoke about key Liberal values and the future direction of the party.

He said, “...let me be crystal clear what the Liberal Democrats are for: We are the party that sees the best in people not the worst. We are the party that believes that the role of Government is to help us to be the best that we can be, no matter who we are or what our background".

"That’s why we stand up for the individual against the state. Why we stand up for the minority against the majority. Why we stand up for the outsider against the establishment. Because that is not just what we do, it is who we are!"

He also encouraged Liberals across Britain to get involved with the Fightback, "...if you want a better Britain then you need to do something about it. Come and be part of the most joyful, inspiring and worthwhile come back in political history. Because that comeback starts right now, right here, it starts with us.”

You can watch Tim's speech in full here:

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