Thank You from Vikki and the Liberal Democrats

Vikki Slade and the Mid Dorset and North Poole Liberal Democrats would like to thank local residents for the fantastic support they received throughout the election campaign and during the previous few years.
The national result has been described as a ‘tsunami’ which changed the political map of the country. Nobody could have predicted such an outcome. The Conservative’s campaign managed to convince people that if they backed the Liberal Democrats, they would get a Labour/SNP government.
However, since the election, the Liberal Democrats have received a terrific boost in membership with over 18,000 new members joining since May 7th.
Vikki said, “It is touching to hear from so many local people who have sent me messages of support since the election. I am proud to have a run positive campaign to improve our local area, but unfortunately, the politics of fear prevailed this time.”
Despite the setback, Vikki is determined to lead the fight back and stand up for local people who will be affected by the new Tory government.“I think many people are waking up to the realities of a Tory majority government and the damage it could do to the country. They have already announced plans to scrap human rights laws and to give government departments excessive powers to read your personal emails. 
We will bounce back and rebuild our party. If you would like to join the thousands who have already joined the Liberal fightback, please click here."


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