School bus route in Poole faces the axe as council tries to save £70,000

Poole Council will be deciding on cuts to bus services in Poole at a meeting this week.


It follows a consultation carried out in Autumn last year. Five services – the 7, 11, 32, 445, and H1 – were earmarked for a reduction in or removal of the bus subsidy from the borough.

The Conservative led Council's most recent round of public service cuts are targeting subsidised bus routes in an attempt to save £70,000.

Getting rid of the 445 school bus route between Bearwood/Merley and Allenbourn School in Wimborne will potentially save £24,600 for the council, but it will affect Bearwood pupils who rely on the service.

Broadstone Councillor Mike Brooke has warned about social isolation for residents who are dependent on public transport as well as the increased traffic congestion and pollution.

Fellow Broadstone Councillor Vikki Slade said: "I am disappointed that the council are proposing to stop this school bus service. Some of the children who use the bus are just 9 years old and the prospect of putting them on a public bus is a great worry for parents.

"I do understand that the council needs to save money and I have personally met with the head of More buses and Poole Council have secured a rerouting of the 4 service to take in a drop outside the school if the service is cut.

"I will be pushing for a travel buddy to be set up so there is an adult on the bus to supervise the younger children and provide reassurance to their parents.

"This proposal does leave those families from Bearwood who attend Allenbourn without a bus service and I am hoping we can find some resolution for them if the service is cut after May."

You can read the article in the Bournemouth Echo here.

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