Poole residents burdened with extra £93-£186 on Council Tax bills


Following a stormy council meeting the Tory administration voted for a 5.99% increase in council tax which, for Band D properties, is an additional £79.11.

Adding the police and fire precepts means gives an overall increase of £93.22 and a total bill of £1,678.96.

Tax Year Band E Band F Band G Band H
2018/19 £2052.07 £2425.16 £2798.27 £3357.92
2017/18 £1938.13 £2290.51 £2642.00 £3171.48
Increase £113.94 £134.65 £155.37 £186.44


In addition, there will be inflationary increases on many, if not all, of the charges that the council makes for its various services, including planning, building control and green bin collections.
Cllr Vikki Slade said: “These are massive increases that will hit many families already struggling because of the rising food and fuel prices and many of our pensioners who are already spending over 15% of their income on council tax.

“If the proposals for a new unitary council combining Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch gets the go-ahead then these increases will become the norm for several more years.”

Liberal Democrat councillors proposed a reduction in the number of Cabinet members as well as pointing out the need for a more progressive budget that generated new income streams through business rather than the unfair and regressive measures advocated by the Tories.

Commenting on this, Cllr Mike Brooke said: “Unlike many other councils this Conservative administration has made no effort to lobby government for an end to the funding cuts and a review of the council tax system, which is grossly unfair. We will continue to see increased poverty and homelessness in Poole.”

Vikki Slade added: “These increases can be laid at the savage cuts the Conservative Government are making on councils around the country and we have called on the Conservative council leaders to lobby their friends in Westminster to rethink their strategy.

“They are expecting local councils to pick up the cost of a national crisis in Social Care and we believe there should be an urgent cross party commission on finding a National solution.”

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