Poole Quay toilets and Hamworthy & Redhill paddling pools remain closed to public on hottest day of the year.

In the latest series of non-sensical and inexplicable moves by BCP Council's Conservative administration - it was revealed that crucial public amenities remained unusable on the hottest days of the year so far. Namely the public toilets on Dolphin Quay that have been closed for months - without any confirmation as to why they cannot be opened to the public especially during the extreme weather we are currently experiencing and two children's paddling areas in Hamworthy and Redhill.

The excuse given for the failure to provide adequate toilet facilities on the Quay for the busy summer period is that, the council does not own the toilets themselves and they are provided by a private entity to the public as part of a planning obligation. Surely part of said obligation would include the facilities being open and accessible? Yet this administration has achieved nothing in reopening them after several months. 

The failure to open children's paddling pools in time for the start of the holidays and heatwave is even more baffling, especially in the case of Hamworthy which has been closed since last year and received refurbishment at great cost only to remain closed when needed! Whilst parents and young children had to be turned away disappointed from Redhill following a social media post suggesting the site was open. 

This is now part of an emerging pattern where BCP's Conservative administration is failing to provide services whether they are extras we would normally be fortunate to enjoy or its most basic obligations to local taxpayers. 

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