Poole public toilets to be re-opened by Unity Alliance

One of the first acts in power of the new Unity Alliance Council will be to reverse the hugely unpopular closure of many public toilets in Poole by the previous Conservative administration. This move is part of the Council's main aim of balancing services across the three towns to a more equal state following the closure of half the town's public conveniences.

The Liberal Democrat leader of the new Council, Vikki Slade said "We will be able to get on with the process of achieving consistent services across the three towns starting with public toilets. Residents and visitors to Poole are seriously short-changed by a lack of toilets compared to Bournemouth, Christchurch and other local towns. We have already identified two sites that we intend to reopen on Poole Quay and at Lake Pier and six other sites will undergo urgent refurbishment with a capital investment of £493,000"

This first act by the Unity Alliance represents a tremendous positive step in rebuilding the services and communities that have been stretched to breaking point by the policies of the Conservative Party both nationally and locally.



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