North Shropshire shows us how we can win again in Mid Dorset & North Poole

Last week’s by election was phenomenal, the Liberal Democrats took the fight to the Conservatives in their deepest heartlands – and we won comfortably. Overturning a whopping 23,000 vote majority and leapfrogging Labour from 3rd in the process. 

In fact, turning Mid Dorset & North Poole orange again would require less than half the swing we just witnessed in North Shropshire. A seat that has elected Conservatives for 200 years with the 2nd largest swing ever to the Liberal Democrats after Christchurch in 1993. If we were to replicate only half that swing at the next election, 57 seats would fall to the Liberal Democrats from the Conservatives – including Mid Dorset & North Poole.

Voters across the country are tired of being taken for granted by the Conservatives. Tired of the sleaze and scandal. Tired of the incompetence of this rule-breaking Prime Minister. They want to send this government a message, and just like Chesham and Amersham, in North Shropshire they chose the Liberal Democrats to deliver that message.

By focusing on what mattered locally to voters; NHS services, ambulance waiting times, the struggles of the farming community, we were able to connect with them.

If we can win in North Shropshire – a seat as blue as they come - we can win again in Mid Dorset & North Poole. All it requires is the determination to beat the Conservatives, and hard work.

We have already started building our team for the next set of local elections we face in our area, whilst also laying the groundwork for our next General Election campaign.

Why not join the team and help us take the fight to Boris Johnson’s Conservatives?

Join our team today!

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