Local Tories in disarray as MPs call for Boris to go

Conservative Councillors in Poole have left the party in a shock move which could see BCP Council return to No Overall Control just days before an expected Vote of No Confidence in Boris Johnson.

After several weeks of speculation, and another Tory being suspended for bringing an unapproved motion to council supporting Ukraine, four members of the administration have all become independent and are apparently in the process of registering a new political party so they can fight the Poole Conservatives next year.

Two of the group have already been in three different groups since they were elected in 2019 and this move means that the Conservatives no longer have enough councillors to run the council alone. We will have to wait until July before the political balance can be resolved but this could go two ways.

If the four are genuine in no longer supporting the Conservative group, we would see them voting against the high-risk financial arrangements to sell off the beach huts and throw huge sums at Future Places. This would be welcome news, and show they are putting residents needs first.

Alternatively, they could support the Tories as they have from within, making the whole thing pointless and simply causing more work for the democratic services team and confusion for their residents.

Some have claimed to be disillusioned with the behaviour of the Prime Minister and other Westminster goings on including the MPs facing by-elections for sexual or inappropriate conduct, and the Liberal Democrats have made no secret of our desire for Conservatives to submit letters of no confidence. Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood has spoken of his feelings towards Boris Johnson, but the MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole continues to show his loyalty, as a Whip for the Party. He has still not responded to letters on several issues from local residents including one from Cllr Vikki Slade specifically about the bullying behaviour of the Whips in Parliament.

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