Local MP votes to spare rule-breaking colleague from punishment

In an utterly shocking turn of events, the government presented a 3-line whip to MPs this morning to back an amendment that would spare one of their own, Owen Paterson, from the pathetic 30-day suspension handed to him by the Common’s Standards Committee. Rather than accept this incredibly lenient consequence for a man who broke the rules to collect 3 times his £80,000 salary in undeclared paid lobbying fees, they inexplicably chose to use their majority to reject this decision and choose their own panel to review the case consisting of mostly Conservative MPs.

Just 13 had the decency to vote against this transparently corrupt protection of one their own whilst a further 80 abstained. Sadly 250 Tory MPs still voted with the government including our own Michael Tomlinson to spare their friend any punishment, if you can call a 30-day suspension that, for using his position and privilege as an MP to enrich himself illegally.   

Just last week, Rob Roberts was readmitted back into the party after a suspension for sexual misconduct and harassing his staff. Neither man is fit to be an MP, nor should they be. Yet this seems not to trouble the Conservative Party, or both men wouldn’t have been able to cast their votes today against the system that reprimanded them for breaking the rules.

Sadly, this ever-increasing lack of respect for Parliament or its democratic processes comes from the very top. No Prime Minister in history has show such disdain for Common’s procedure, nor broken it to their own advantage. Lying to Parliament and the Queen during prorogation showed that Boris Johnson has no respect for the rules. That’s why he whipped his MPs to protect one of their own today.

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