Local Dorset residents pull together to show support for Ukraine

Through various different initiatives Dorset residents have worked tirelessly to raise essential funds for those suffering in Ukraine. 

Money has come pouring in from a huge range of events all with the aim of raising much needed cash. From a concert in Wareham to a bring and buy plant sale in Bere Regis; a bingo and quiz in Morden and a bric-a-brac sale in Upton - these local events run by local people have raised thousands. 

Cllr Alex Brenton said, “It was a pleasure to help out on the street stall in Wareham where we accepted donations in exchange for ribbons inspired by the Ukranian flag. Local people have opened their hearts and shown huge generosity raising £2,000 from this event alone.”

Two locals who require a special mention are Terry Hansford and Steve Mowlem. These two old friends have already made an impressive 5 trips across Europe to deliver specific supplies to hospitals, orphanages and refuge centres in Ukraine. The money already raised has enabled them to begin planning for 2 more trips. 

Before the crisis hit the two men were dreaming of relaxing motoring holidays, they now find themselves covering thousands of miles (each trip requires £750 worth of petrol) in their battered Ford Transit van that has been made roadworthy thanks to the generosity of local garages. Since the crisis began, Terry and Steve, in conjunction with Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine, have delivered around £10,000 worth of specifically asked for items directly to those that need them. 

If you would like to find out more, you can follow their personal blog: Heroes don't need capes on Facebook. You can also visit the Facebook page: Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine.

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