What we can learn from our stunning Chesham & Amersham Victory - Vikki Slade

It was a privilege and a joy to be back in Chesham and Amersham again on polling day last week to play a small part in the historic win for the Liberal Democrats, over-turning a Tory majority of 16,000 into a Lib Dem victory of more than 8,000!
There were some particular issues at play but there are some takeaways from the campaign
  • Where we work we can win - we might have thrown "the kitchen sink, the microwave etc..." (A rather magnanimous quote from the Con candidate) at this, but we heard time and again the gratitude from residents that we had bothered to talk to them, we had travelled, that their voice mattered - Who knew voters would respond well to those working hard to win their support?
  • Where people can bring themselves to vote tactically we can overturn a substantial majority - I feel for the candidates who stood for Labour and Green, but I don't feel for their activists who tried to stop the Lib Dems. It is in all of our interests to show we can work together to defeat a common goal, and if we can work for electoral reform people can vote with their heart and heads. I thanked so many Labour or Green voters last week for their support rather than tribalism.
  • Its not easy but anything is possible - we have held Mid Dorset and North Poole before, and the majority is smaller than Sarah overturned yesterday. We can do it again but we need boots on the ground, we need consistent campaigning and hard work. So if you want to help me then I need YOU.
If you are not already a member - join now
If you are an armchair member - ask what more you can do
If you have always thought you could contribute to your community then meet me for coffee as we need activists and candidates for council in all our neighbourhoods in BCP and Dorset. NOW is the time.

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