Green waste schemes in Dorset and BCP back and running, tips to re-open next week


For residents who are currently subscribed to either BCP or Dorset's green waste collection schemes, the news that these are now back in action in both authorities as of this Monday is most welcome. If you are someone who is having to remain isolated at the moment but would like to subscribe, can do so clicking on the buttons below. (Prices vary based on time of year, length on subscription and amount of waste)





Following these developments regarding the green waste collection schemes, it has also been announced that all of the BCP tips and all of the Dorset tips, with the exception of Sherborne will be re-opened as of next Monday. This re-opening is the result of a change in government policy towards what constitutes and essential trip. They are however expected to be "extremely busy" for a while after opening and will be following strict social distancing and safety measures. Both numbers of vehicles and people will be initially restricted.

Unity Alliance cabinet member for Environment and Climate Change Felicity Rice has said “We know residents have found the closure of HRC’s challenging and it’s clear all three sites will be very busy when they do reopen, so we’re asking people to only go to the recycling centres if it is absolutely essential. The staff working at the HRC sites are there to provide a safe place for residents to use this service and I would stress the importance of treating all our staff with the respect they deserve and remind residents that any abuse towards them will not be tolerated.” However, if the centres become too busy and present a threat to public health, they could be closed again.

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