Food bank usage is through the roof - we have a national crisis on our hands and the Government's advice? Purchase value brands.

People across the country have been left speechless after comments made by the Environment minister George Eustice last week. In a TV interview with Sky News the MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle advised shoppers that they could “contain and manage their household budget” by purchasing “value brands, rather than own-brand products.” His comments have angered many who believe the Government is failing to realise just how critical the financial situation is right now for so many families. 

Cllr Millie Earl, the Deputy Leader for the Lib Dems on BCP council said, “The current cost of living crisis means literally thousands of families across BCP are struggling to stay warm, dry, clean and fed. I've met people through my work in Food Access who are having to make impossible decisions such as feeding themselves or feeding their children. By raising the energy price cap, raising NI and council tax, the very poorest in our community are feeling a huge impact and face destitution as wages are stagnant - for many, even working full time barely covers housing costs leaving nothing left for food or essentials."

Food banks and community fridges have never been more essential than they are now. In 2020 / 2021 the number of people in the UK that accessed a foodbank was approximately 2.5 million this was up 600,000 from the year before*. 

According to The Trussell Trust, compared to this time five years ago, need for food banks in our network has increased by 81%.

Right now families are in desperation. The advice to buy value brands or being told to make a nutritious meal for as little as 30p are insulting and show a worrying disconnect between the Conservative Government and the families in Britain choosing between feed and fuel. 


If you can help: we will be collecting donations for Poole Food Bank on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (9am-12pm) at the Liberal Hall, York Road, Broadstone, BH18 8ET. 

The food bank is in current need of:

  • tinned potatoes

  • tinned vegetables

  • tinned rice pudding

  • washing up liquid

  • surface sprays / wipes

  • bleach / toilet cleaner


No fresh products please. 



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