Concerns raised over "psychological wellbeing" of Dorset Police Officers

The Chair of the Dorset Police Federation, Anna Harvey has expressed concerns over the "psychological wellbeing" of the County's officers. "Our demands have increased whilst officer numbers have reduced, therefore officers are really struggling to cope with the impact of this, we are also increasingly filling in the gaps for the other services, such as social services, mental health and the ambulance service." This follows revelations last year that there had been a 40 per cent increase in the number of officers seeking help for psychological problems

"Its clear our police forces have been chronically underfunded by the Conservatives for the last decade and these cuts have taken their toll not only on the police as a public institution but also the individuals that make up said institution. This simply cannot continue. The Liberal Democrats seek to invest an additional £300 million into local forces and community policing, this money represents not only an improvement to the safety of the public but also the safety of those who work so hard to keep Dorset safe for all. It is time to say enough is enough and reverse the serious decline in the number of police officers in our county." Said BCP Council Leader and Mid Dorset & North Poole parliamentary candidate Vikki Slade.

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