Dorset Council Tax now second highest in country

Despite nationally the Conservative party proclaiming itself to be a low tax party with a commitment to keeping council tax rates as low as possible, locally the reality would appear to be very different. Under the management of the Conservatives, Dorset residents will now be paying the second highest council tax bills in the entire country. The average bill for a Band D property in Dorset is now £2038 beaten into 2nd place by the also Conservative run Rutland.

Some may be forgiven for thinking that this increase placed upon the shoulders of residents would mean better or even more local services. However, central government funding of councils will have fallen by almost 2/3rds this decade making this latest increase a small drop in the ocean. Once again the Conservatives are simply placing national cuts back onto the taxpayers through local government and our local Conservatives appear unwilling to stand up for Dorset.

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