Dorset Council resident? You might be eligible for support with living costs...

Pensioners and working age people in receipt of benefits or in fuel poverty may be eligible for short-term financial assistance. The support will be through supermarket vouchers.

Vouchers will also be provided during school holidays to families in receipt of free school meals.

If you do not currently claim free school meals for your child you may still qualify and it’s worth checking by completing the online form. Click here to access the form.

You can apply online, or if you have difficulties accessing the internet, Digital Champions in the libraries will assist you.

To book an appointment telephone 01305 221048. Click here to access the Household Support Fund



You are eligible if you are:

- in receipt of Pension Credit

- working age and in receipt of a means tested benefit

- a pensioner or working age resident not in receipt of a means tested benefit who is in fuel poverty.

(Fuel poverty is defined as spending 10% of household income on energy costs)

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