Demand Better for Poole

Liberal Democrats in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole conurbation are the only credible alternative to the Conservatives and we believe that residents across all our communities deserve better. It is, therefore, our goal to put the needs, concerns and hopes of local residents at the very centre of our programme for the next four years.


We have set ourselves the following targets;

  • Tackling the worst housing crisis the conurbation has ever seen                                                                             
  • Placing environmental sustainability at the core of everything we do                                                                   
  • Improving roads and transport networks across the whole conurbation                                                             
  • Reversing cuts to adult social care and children’s services                                                                                 
  • Put local people at the heart of decision making processes

Demand Better for Housing

  • Aim to change the balance of new housing developments. We will seek a sustainable mix of new affordable and social homes alongside homes for sale at market rates that meet the needs of all our local communities.
  • Seek to protect our open spaces and green belt wherever possible by giving preference to “brown field” development and/or re-development.
  • Enhance partnerships with local housing associations and homelessness charities in order to improve provision for those in most need.
  • Work in partnership with local landlords and tenants to ensure that all privately rented accommodation provides a decent home at fair rents.


Demand Better for our Environment

  • Achieve Plastic Free Coastline accreditation within four years of taking control of the local authority.
  • Aim for every council run park and green space to achieve the Green Flag Award
  • Promote and enhance the provision of sustainable transport across the conurbation. This will include working with local transport partners to investigate the development of a new network linking the whole conurbation, relieving congestion and protecting air-quality with an innovative, low or zero-carbon rapid transit system.
  • Reduce waste by taking a zero tolerance approach to littering of our parks, open spaces and beaches. We will also enhance household recycling and refuse collection services, ensuring that food waste collections will be available to all.
  • Oppose any extension of oil and gas extraction operations (including ‘fracking’) within or neighbouring our communities.
  • Develop a policy promoting sustainable, local energy production and other environmentally “friendly” schemes
  • Strengthen protections for our coastline, local heathlands, nature reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest by ensuring that our environment is placed at the heart of all local planning policies.


Demand Better for Transport

In addition to our ambitious, long-term plans for an environmentally sustainable rapid transit system we will-

  • Immediately implement a programme of essential road repair to eliminate the ever increasing numbers of hazardous ‘pot holes’ in our roads.
  • Work with local cycling groups and users of public transport to ensure that all bus and cycle lanes are sensibly located, fully connected and fit for purpose.
  • Introduce more fast-charging points are available at a reasonable cost for electric vehicles in all council car parks.

Demand Better for Health

We recognise that our quality of life for people or all ages is about much more that just jobs and earnings potential. To enhance our standard of living, therefore, we will-

  • Continue fighting to keep Poole Hospital's A&E and Maternity facilities from being closed down and moved to Bournemouth, endangering residents through increased ambulance waiting and travel times.
  • Encourage voluntary schemes such as the “Mile a Day” programme and “Healthy Streets” initiative to increase levels of physical activity amongst children and young people.
  • Consider ways to promote and support partnerships between health services and local sports & leisure services in order to promote greater adult participation in physical activity.
  • Combat loneliness. Work with older people and a range of community groups to ensure that after retirement men and women remain fully engaged in the social, economic and cultural life of our communities.

Demand Better for our Communities

In order to ensure that local residents play an integral part in making the every-day decisions that affect them we will-

  • Build on our national policy of investing an extra £300million on front-line policing by committing to work with local police to make our communities safer.
  • Introduce local planning and licensing boards to ensure decisions are taken as close to our communities as possible.
  • Allow the retention of local mayors in those communities that wish to have one.
  • Support and enhance the roles of town councils, parish councils and other local bodies in those communities that wish to have them.
  • Ensure that representatives of ALL political groupings have a voice in the new local authority by insisting on proportionality of representation on committees.

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