Decision Due on Bearwood development

Two large developments in Bearwood and Merley are likely to go to the BCP Planning Committee this spring. These sites were taken out of the greenbelt by the former Conservative led Poole Council.

The first one is likely to be the application to build 695 new houses on land north of Magna Road and Knighton Lane known as UE2, or Canford Park, application number APP/19/00237/P. It will be going before committee on the 18th of March. (This application should not be confused with the Canford Paddock development which is already under construction.)


The second will be for North of Merley, Land North of Oakley Lane known as UE1, application number APP/19/00955/P for another 600 dwellings. Both of these applications will have a significant effect on all of us in many ways, especially on traffic movement.

To find out more about these applications and make comments, go to

There are two local pressure groups that have a lot of information. Look for them on Facebook for further updates - Bearwood Action Group & the Land North of Merley.

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