Conservative administration failing to deliver savings

This weekend, Liberal Democrat financial spokesperson on BCP Council, Cllr Mike Cox, revealed that the council was £4 million short on its savings target for this financial year. 

He also revealed that the current predicted overspend of £9 million on the council's current budget had only been rectified by removing money from the reserves, something that is simply unsustainable. 

Cllrs were also told that almost £1 million in staff costs was being saved due to the council's inability to fill vacant posts when advertised. 

Cllr Vikki Slade said "this saving is not good news. More money will likely to be needed in the year ahead to attract and retain staff, or vulnerable people will be going without the full care they were assessed to need. Understaffing as a failure to attract those qualified is not the benefit some Conservatives seem to be spinning it as.

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