Canford Heath

Sandra Moore - Councillor for Canford Heath

Sandra has served Canford Heath residents since 2000. She lives in Canford Heath with her husband, Tony, and is a Mum and Grandma to two lively boys.

Sandra is actively involved in many Canford Heath organisations including: The TEACH Trust, Limelights, Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch, ARCH and The Hub.

She organises regular community litter picks across Canford Heath together with various environmental projects. Sandra has always campaigned against social injustice and uses her wide-ranging council experience to help improve Canford Heath for the benefit of her residents.

Tel: 01202 388418   Email: [email protected]

Chris Matthews - Candidate for Canford Heath

Chris is married to Mel with two daughters and lives in Canford Heath. Chris was a Canford Heath councillor from 2003 to 2015 and has a long record of action for getting things done for local people.

Chris is passionate about lifelong learning and is a social science lecturer; his special interest is social care and affordable housing for our young people, two issues he feels are the most important in getting a good deal for Canford Heath residents. Chris and his border collie Beauty are a familiar sight walking around the Heath.

Tel: 01202 656838   Email: [email protected]


Peter Parrish - Candidate for Canford Heath

Pete is a retired BT engineer who lives in Canford Heath, he is married to Tan and has three grown up children and two grandchildren.

Pete is standing because he is passionate about tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in the local area and wants to make a difference. He is well known in Canford Heath and regularly attends community litter picks.

Tel: 01202 601686   Email: [email protected]