Broadstone bus services No.18 to continue

Broadstone's No.18 bus service escapes Conservatives' cuts thanks to Lib Dem petition.


Lib Dem Councillor for Broadstone, Mike Brooke is pleased to announce that the No.18 bus loop around Broadstone has been saved from Conservative led Poole Council's cuts.

He said: "I have just returned from making a presentation to Poole Borough Council's Transport Advisory Group and am pleased to confirm the No.18 Loop through Broadstone is to be retained, albeit at a slightly reduced service. The last two journeys will be cut, otherwise the service remains unchanged. As always, the message is use it or lose it.

"I would like to thank my colleague, Vikki Slade,for her part in the campaign and to everyone else who completed the Council's survey and signed our petition. On this occasion you have been listened to."

Almost 1,000 local residents signed the petition to save the bus services.

Poole Council were looking to slash another £152,000 from their budget and hoped that cutting the Broadstone bus service would save £19,000.

Vikki Slade, who led the campaign to save the No. 32 bus said: “This bus route is used by elderly and vulnerable people who want to live independently. Poole Council can’t continue to target cuts at people who rely on public transport to get about. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition to save it.”

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