Bournemouth Civic Centre renovations

The first phase of renovations of the Town Hall in Bournemouth have been allocated a budget of £1 million. Lib Dem Cllrs Marion Le Poidevin and Marcus Andrews put forward and amendment to the proposal that would ensure that any money left over after the project would be returned to the council. The Conservatives voted down this motion and the leader assured those present that he would “do this anyway.” We will be closely monitoring the budget.

Concerns were also raised about the how realistic a prospect of the works being carried out before the May 2022 deadline was given the necessity of a procurement process, listed building consent and a planning application.

Others raised the lack of reference to environmental improvements, lack of clarity on facilities, and the potential complications of where new fire escapes would be put. Ironically however, none of these concerns were raised by Bournemouth Councillors…