Bearwood's last remaining Post Office counter has closed

The Post Office counter at Bearwood Post Office and General Store on Magna Road closed at the end of January, leaving local residents without a convenient place to access Post Office services. It is understood this is for business reasons. The nearest remaining Post Office counters will be in Kinson or Merley.

Cllr David Brown was been approached by a number of residents concerned about this and commented, “A few years ago when Bearwood Post Office changed to become a counter service within the shop, this was broadly welcomed because of the increased opening hours. But to now find that the economics of running the service mean that it will close will leave many residents dismayed. I will be contacting the Post Office to urge them to find an alternative location for their services as soon as possible.”

Richard Burton added, “The Bearwood Post Office has served the local community reliably for many years and is always busy. It is sad to see that this has now closed like so many others across our city. Especially when there are those who relied on it heavily as their nearest and most convenient branch.”

(Please note that the Bearwood General Store will remain open for business, just the Post Office counter will close.)

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