Bearwood & Merley Councillors' response to traveller site application.


Your three ward Councillors have recently learned of the planning application APP/21/00503/F for a "gypsy / traveller transit site" on Magna Road and we have met near this site to discuss the application. A number of local residents in Canford Paddock and across Bearwood have already commented on this proposal and we would encourage you all to go online and add your comments for the Planning Officer to consider.

You can comment by following this link: click here



This is not a BCP Council proposal, but a speculative planning application from the private landowner. This green belt site has significant planning history as several previous planning applications for residential development have been refused. In our view it is an inappropriate site for such a plan alongside a pleasant suburban residential area.

We will be keeping in contact with the allocated planning officer and believe that it is unlikely that this would be permitted for various reasons as it is a Green Belt location. It is important you make your comments known so that these are taken into account.

Comments and objections should be on planning grounds such as the openness of the Green Belt, inappropriate development of the Green Belt, highway and transport matters, local facilities, visual impact and appearance, harm to the environment / biodiversity / local heathland, etc. Impact on property value is not a planning consideration under national planning laws and objections on those grounds will not be considered.

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We will be keeping in touch over the coming weeks about this and if it comes before the Planning Committee will speak on behalf of local residents.

Cllr David Brown, Cllr Richard Burton, Cllr Marcus Andrews - Bearwood & Merley ward councillors.


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