BCP Lib Dems bring motion calling on Council to challenge government housing targets

BCP Lib Dems will be submitting a motion at the full council meeting tonight, calling on the Conservative administration to write to the government on behalf of residents to challenge these figures and assess the feasibility of meeting these targets as a coastal area surrounded on multiple sides by ocean and protected heathland. You can read the motion at www.middorsetlib dems.org.uk/housing_motion

It was recently revealed that to meet housing targets set by the government and based on outdated data - BCP Council will have a shortfall of 9,000 houses. Even once factoring in forecast increases to housing density and building heights the council will fall 5,500 homes short.

It is crucial that before removing huge chunks of the Green Belt to hand to developers as Poole Conservatives did in 2019, we exhaust all other options such as developing brownfield sites and agreements with neighbouring Dorset Council.

We hope to have cross party support in standing up for residents against the unrealistic targets based on outdated data being set for an area with limited expansion potential because of its geographical circumstances. 

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