BCP Council food map on the map

Shortly after the formation of BCP Council, Broadstone Councillor and then leader, Vikki Slade hosted a Hidden Hunger Conference at Upton House which highlighted the issue of food insecurity across many households in the BCP area. This led to the creation of the Access to Food Map and a dedicated council officer who has been working with the voluntary sector to help match those in need with sources of support.

Foodbank use has grown in the last five years, and we now see households with full time work needing extra support with food and household expenses but access to formal foodbanks is still limited to those who have been referred by various agencies. Some people also still feel a stigma from claiming food in this way and schemes like community fridges and social supermarkets have been launched across the area to support people in a more discreet way.

Now the programme has gone digital, with an app you can download and search for local,food growing, lunch clubs, community larders and food parcels as well as resources around care and support, free school meals, referrals for domestic abuse or mental health services and debt advice.

Scan the QR code to access the Food Map


There are real concerns about the choices that residents may need to make between heating and eating once the summer ends and the fuel cap increases the price of power and heat and we would urge any resident concerned about making ends meet to get in touch, so we can explore whether the Household Support Fund may be able to support you.

Our next Advice Surgery takes place this Saturday 6th August between 10am and 12noon at Broadstone Library or you can email/call us at any time.

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