BCP Council announce beach huts have re-opened

As a result of government lockdown restrictions being eased, BCP Council has announced that resident's who own beach huts can return to them as of Wednesday just past (13th). However strict social distancing measures remain in place and people must continue to keep a minimum of 2m distance. The Council published it's advice and guidelines along with the announcements and they can be found using the following link - https://www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/News/News-Features/COVID19/Changes-to-Services/Services/Beach-hut-owners-and-tenants-updates-and-advice.aspx 

Many who own beach huts will be most eager to return to them, however we ask that all those who do, do say in a manner that is safe and considerate, not only of their own health but the health of other users around them. There are to be no social gatherings at beach huts under the current existing restrictions and the Council asks that only members from your own household use the hut. The council also requests that owners position chairs and tables on the beach area and not the promenade, in order to allow people to maintain distances when walking.

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