All change with bus routes to Broadstone

We have been made aware that some changes will be made to routes 3 and 4 from 28th May. We have yet to see the details, but we are advised that off peak and Saturday journeys will take the route via Hillbourne and Creekmoor rather than via the Broadstone Way.  

According to More Bus this is due to a slower than expected uptake in usage on these routes since the pandemic. 

However, the bus company are introducing a peak service numbered 3X which will include stops on Higher and Lower Blandford Road providing an improved service to Parkstone Grammar School and Fleetsbridge. 

Mass transport, especially buses are crucial if we are to deal with issues around congestion, air pollution and the climate emergency so we will do all we can to push for improved services but the bus companies are commercial operators and they will only run services that are financially viable.

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