A week in the life of a local Lib Dem Councillor

Find out what Councillor Susan Jefferies, Dorset County Councillor for Corfe Mullen, was up to last week.


Last week included a few phone calls and emails to the Council and some reading, but no long meetings, my time was spent entirely in Corfe Mullen dealing with issues for the residents.

Double yellow lines: Residents came to my surgery asking for my help in requesting double yellow lines in their road at the junction with the main road. The Highway Code forbids parking within 10ms of a junction, but some drivers ignore this and some residents think the distance should be longer. The County Council gets 100 requests a year and can only ever satisfy the 20 or so most urgent/dangerous. They assess and rank them all, Corfe Mullen seldom qualifies, I try to tell them kindly and suggest they get together with their neighbours and make a petition.

Skate park and youngsters: We are planning to rebuild and extend our elderly skate park, the funds have been identified. The Contractors are due to unveil the draft plans at a meeting on Wednesday. The Youth Worker and I want to ensure that the young users come to the meeting to put their views so he and I go up to the old skate park on the Rec several times over the weekend to tell them all about it and ask them to tell their friends. On Wednesday evening we are delighted to find that most of the young people we talked to do come to the meeting, look at the plans and give their views to the contractors. Success!!

Coffee van: While up at the Rec on Sunday have a good chat with the couple running the Pink Coffee Van up at the Rec and ask how they are getting on. Good, but they think they could do even better in a slightly different position.

Corfe Hills Gov and Mental Health: Went to Corfe Hills a couple of times this week to talk with the staff, the students and representatives from the Charity MIND who are planning a pilot project with the school on adolescent mental Health and how to stay healthy and what to do to reduce problems and nip them in the bud.

Flooded road: Went to visit a resident who finds the road floods in heavy rain and ends up draining down her front path and into her garden. Not a good idea. I went with the Cllr for the adjoining Authority, Poole as this problem is right on the border. If you look at the photos we took it is not difficult to guess what the problem is! We emailed the photos to the Council engineers so that they can take appropriate action asap.

Corfe Hills path: The Headteacher at Corfe Hills complained that some of the pupils are coming into school with muddy shoes. Could the footpath need attention? It could, I took photos and asked that this be dealt with asap.

Speedwatch: Two Speedwatch sessions this week, a chance to be seen by over 500 drivers and take note of the 5% who are exceeding the speed limit. Drivers are behaving better since we started to do this, we used to average 10% speeding.

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