Power Grab

Dear Residents,

At full council on May 12th I was pleased to see a good turn out of the general public participating in local democracy. I wish more people took an interest. Now more than ever people need to have a voice because democracy is being shut down.

At a local level we were denied a debate at our April meeting. The leader's motion went straight to the vote and this was wrong. The monitoring officer let the chair get away with this. It's a very slippery slope, in fact I'd say that we've already slid down that slope into muddy waters because last night that same chair was voted back in again.
At a national level the Elections Bill is a power grab and will benefit the Conservative Party at the expense of British democracy. Voters will have to show an approved photographic identification before collecting their ballot paper. This is voter suppression designed to deter the poorest people in our society - think about it - if you haven't got a driver's licence or a passport (costs £75.50), you will have to make the time and effort to go to your local council office, fill out a form, have a counter signature, and have your photo taken. If you have a family and work long hours it's not going to happen.
Councillor Maria Roe,
Colehill and Wimborne East

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