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Signing.pngConservatives plan to slash Dorset’s number buses from 35 to just 7.

If you agree that the Conservative led County Council is wrong to substantially cut bus services across the county, please sign our petition by Thursday 15th Feburary:

We, the undersigned, view with dismay the decision by Dorset County Council to cut the number of supported bus services from 35 to just 7 and call for their funding to be reinstated.

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    Abolition of essential services, which includes public transport, is an alternative form of social cleansing.
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    Francesca MARCELLINE
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    Deborah Bowker
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    Urgent for non-car owners in Yetminster
  • signed 2017-02-27 17:36:39 +0000
    I feel a degree of reluctance in signing a petition being promoted by the Lib Dems, since it was their utterly stupid and naive decision to get in bed with David Cameron’s Tories in 2010 (rather than telling him to get stuffed and try his luck as a minority government) that helped to precipitate the tsunami of cuts of which this is a small part, and which are only going to get worse on every front for years to come. But nonetheless, the proposed abolition of the no. 3 bus service, like so many other cuts to public transport in Dorset in recent years, will have a devastating effect on the many local residents who rely on these services to have something approximating to a meaningful social life, (the eilte may think everyone else is happy just stuck at home watching rubbish telly all day, but we’re not!), as well as getting to the shops and medical appointments etc. In a world where the need for world-class, high quality mass transit systems as a realistic option for people of all ages (not just OAPs, but people getting to jobs on all shifts too!) is more pressing than ever, the sheer incompetence and short-sightedness of seemingly everybody in authority at every level in the UK once again manifests itself. I know that the countryside is meant to only be lived in by rich people with BMWs and private helicopters, and the rest of us are just supposed to go and live in grossly overpriced broom cupboards in London, but people really have had enough. Britain is not a stock exchange with a grouse shooting moor attached, it is a real place, with real people, the vast majority of whom are not filthy rich. If we don’t want half of it to be underwater by the end of the century, then providing genuine alternatives to the car is a vital part of avoiding that outcome, and that requires massive investment in a comprehensive public transport system: reopening dismantled railways wherever possible, massive expansion of rural bus services, more tram or metro systems in major conurbations, more alternatives for the disabled, and so on. Instead it’s just cuts, cuts, cuts, all enforced by people who will never notice the consequences, and who, as members of the wealthy elite, have not noticed a single change in their lifestyles since the crash of 2008 while inflicting never-ending misery on the rest of us, and who usually turn out to have tax haven bank accounts. And they wonder why people don’t vote. (MI5 can come and shoot me now).
  • signed via 2017-02-27 12:57:17 +0000
    Perhaps we could have smaller buses and perhaps an express bus straight into Poole from Corfe Mullen may be more useful and perhaps at least one late bus to and from Poole
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    The Number 3 is the only Bus to run through Corfe Mullen. A Large number of Locals from the area Rely on the Number 3. Is one must be removed then i would suggest the M2 As the M1 Already goes on a very similar Route and there are more M1’s than 3’s so there will be no shortage us bus’s on the M1/2 route
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    Cutting this bus route is ridiculous! How are the elderly supposed to get into Poole or Wimborne for essentials such as medicines and food or simply just see friends and family, cutting them off from a valuable service is borderline moronic! Loneliness is a very real issue in the older generation, how is this helping? I hope the council wakes up and realised its not about money. People’s livelihoods, sanity and happiness can be saved by something as simple as a local bus route! And it’s not just elders who use this bus service I myself use it regularly as a way of getting to Poole easily. This bus service my simply be saved, there is no alternative.
  • signed 2017-02-19 16:44:57 +0000
    It would not be fair to isolate Corfe Mullen. Too many people rely on the service to get around.
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    Dorset! Sign the petition: Save our buses!
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