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Signing.pngConservatives plan to slash Dorset’s number buses from 35 to just 7.

If you agree that the Conservative led County Council is wrong to substantially cut bus services across the county, please sign our petition by Thursday 15th Feburary:

We, the undersigned, view with dismay the decision by Dorset County Council to cut the number of supported bus services from 35 to just 7 and call for their funding to be reinstated.

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    The Number 3 is the only Bus to run through Corfe Mullen. A Large number of Locals from the area Rely on the Number 3. Is one must be removed then i would suggest the M2 As the M1 Already goes on a very similar Route and there are more M1’s than 3’s so there will be no shortage us bus’s on the M1/2 route
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    Cutting this bus route is ridiculous! How are the elderly supposed to get into Poole or Wimborne for essentials such as medicines and food or simply just see friends and family, cutting them off from a valuable service is borderline moronic! Loneliness is a very real issue in the older generation, how is this helping? I hope the council wakes up and realised its not about money. People’s livelihoods, sanity and happiness can be saved by something as simple as a local bus route! And it’s not just elders who use this bus service I myself use it regularly as a way of getting to Poole easily. This bus service my simply be saved, there is no alternative.
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    It would not be fair to isolate Corfe Mullen. Too many people rely on the service to get around.
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    Dorset! Sign the petition: Save our buses!
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    do we really want more cars on the road?
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    For those people without alternative transport of which there are many through no fault of their own, the removal of the bus service would mean a loss of the freedom to live their lives as they want. As everyone gets older, there comes a point when we will not be able or allowed to drive bringing an end to visiting friends and relatives, caring and volunteering. What use is a bus pass with no buses and what a mockery this makes of the current consultation on the reorganisation of the NHS in Dorset. It will be of no interest to Corfe Mullen residents without transport where the hospitals are located because they will not be able to attend their appointments anyway. There appears to be no overall plan in Dorset to improve the quality of life provided by the required services other than proposing enormously expensive reorganisations and hoping they might work.
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    There are a lot of people who, if the buses are withdrawn will not be able to go any where out of the village. Some cannot afford taxi fares or cannot get into taxis because of their disabilities.

    As a bus pass holder , I would not be averse to paying a small sum for each bus journey e.g. £1.
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    One of the reasons for moving to Corfe Mullen over 20 years ago was because of the good bus service and I don’t know what I would have done without it. It’s madness that we could now be without any buses and Corfe Mullen being such a large village. It’s going to make people who rely on the service feel cut off and stranded. It’s wrong.
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    There are many older people no longer able to drive who rely on public transport. Not everyone can afford taxis, public transport is a necessary service .
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    These services are vital for people that dont/can’t drive. Utter madness!!!
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    I am astonished that the Council is intending to cut the much-used and efficient number 3 bus service between Wimborne and Poole. This would leave Wimborne residents with only one slow service to Bournemouth. Please remember there are no longer any trains in this area either! Poor public transport has a detrimental effect both on the local economy and on the health and social welfare of non-drivers including the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable.
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    We must retain the bus service in Corfe Mullen.