Save the No.3 Bus!

Conservative led Council to cut No. 3 bus route


The Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to save No. 3 bus route from Tory cuts to Dorset’s bus services.

Conservative led Dorset County Council is proposing to cut bus subsidies again this year as part of their increasing austerity plan. This is likely to affect the No. 3 through Corfe Mullen and the No. 18 loop in Broadstone.

Without the Council subsidies the Bus Companies say they cannot sustain the services as commercial services.

This will leave a busy community of 10,000 inhabitants completely without any public transport at all.


The No. 3 bus is a vital and much used service that serves the main part of the village, gives access to the Doctor's surgery and along the Wareham Road to our shops and Post Offices, and connects us into both Wimborne and Broadstone and thus further to Poole and the railway station.

Corfe Mullen Cllr Susan Jefferies said: “The No. 3 bus route is used by elderly and vulnerable people who want to live independently. It is also used by a lot of young people and people who simply choose to use the bus to save fuel and parking charges. Dorset County Council are targeting cuts at people who rely on public transport to get about.”

Vikki Slade, who has a been leading the campaign to save the No. 18 said: “We urge local residents to support our petition so that Corfe Mullen residents who rely on these services can continue to use them.”

Add your signature to the petition below to ensure that the No. 3 bus continues it's route in Corfe Mullen.

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    Francesca MARCELLINE
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    Absolutely ridiculous in this day and age that a town would be starved of public transport, it’s not like it’s a tiny village!!
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    Thanks to Annette Brooke the bus was saved in the past so good luck with saving it again. It is a vital link for many people in CM, young and old, and it is hard to see how the council can be instrumental in developing more housing with no public transport available.
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    Stop cutting into our vital local services used by young and old alike. For us a great way for our children to take responsibility for their own school run, keeping one more car off the road as well.
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    I am a Disabled person reliant on bus route number 3 that runs past my home in Wimborne
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    My son goes to QE school and needs the no 3 bus to get there!
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    Save grandma 😍
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    I am disabled and am utterly dependent on this bus to get anywhere. It is frankly obscene for a community of the size and location of Corfe Mullen to be completely disconnected from public transport. Why do the Tories continue to get away with attacking the disabled, the vulnerable and our public services with purely ideological austerity measures in order to make up the £60bn a year deficit when they should be going after the constant £119bn a year black hole left by big businesses and millionaires who refuse to pay their taxes?
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    This service is so essential to so many people, both old and young ! Thankyou for your concerns on this matter !
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    I am student in Bournemouth university and I do rely on the bus to go to the university

    And sometimes I can’t stay in the university library to study there because no buses after 7 pm
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    I have learning difficulties and I need to use a bus regular
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    I have disability and I use the bus reggae Lee