Save the No.3 Bus!

Conservative led Council to cut No. 3 bus route


The Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to save No. 3 bus route from Tory cuts to Dorset’s bus services.

Conservative led Dorset County Council is proposing to cut bus subsidies again this year as part of their increasing austerity plan. This is likely to affect the No. 3 through Corfe Mullen and the No. 18 loop in Broadstone.

Without the Council subsidies the Bus Companies say they cannot sustain the services as commercial services.

This will leave a busy community of 10,000 inhabitants completely without any public transport at all.


The No. 3 bus is a vital and much used service that serves the main part of the village, gives access to the Doctor's surgery and along the Wareham Road to our shops and Post Offices, and connects us into both Wimborne and Broadstone and thus further to Poole and the railway station.

Corfe Mullen Cllr Susan Jefferies said: “The No. 3 bus route is used by elderly and vulnerable people who want to live independently. It is also used by a lot of young people and people who simply choose to use the bus to save fuel and parking charges. Dorset County Council are targeting cuts at people who rely on public transport to get about.”

Vikki Slade, who has a been leading the campaign to save the No. 18 said: “We urge local residents to support our petition so that Corfe Mullen residents who rely on these services can continue to use them.”

Add your signature to the petition below to ensure that the No. 3 bus continues it's route in Corfe Mullen.

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    Public transport is important to many people.
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    This service is vital to our community, we will definitely regret if the councils decide to cut the number 3!
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    My mother lives in the area and I know how vital these bus services are to everyone.
  • signed 2017-02-15 17:32:43 +0000
    How are the older people if the community going to be able to get anywhere. So unfair
  • signed 2017-02-15 16:45:01 +0000
    Rather than cutting the service completely, why not change to 1 an hour instead of 2 of hour.
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    We all understand that there have to be cutbacks in spending these days, however, cutting out a bus service to an area of high population is somewhat beyond all comprehension. My mother does not drive and depends on buses to take her to Wimborne, Broadstone and Poole, not only for doctor and dental appointments, but to shop and just to get out of the house. What sort of community would it be if the elderly became prisoners in their own homes? Not everyone, young or old, are fortunate to own a car or afford taxi fares. But even with household transport in use, wouldn’t this add to already over-congested roads? Think again please and reconsider.
  • signed 2017-02-14 20:48:59 +0000
    My sisters mother in law uses this bus a lot. It enables her to be independent which is very important at her time of life.
  • signed 2017-02-14 20:39:23 +0000
    This is absolutely disgraceful. How are the elderly generation meant to get out & about without a bus service?
  • signed 2017-02-14 19:42:18 +0000
    Corfe Mullen is large expanding community that deserves a public transport system with links via Poole and wimbourne . For access to hospitals collage schools and further transport links .what else are our taxis paid for ?
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    It is unacceptable to have a community the size of Corfe Mullen without any kind of bus service especially in this case where it is a vital link for many people to access Poole.
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    IS EAST DORSET COUNCIL WITHDRAWING THERE SUBSIDY?? On the nos 3 early this morning almost full bus &I also very busy on return !!!!!!!!!
  • signed 2017-02-14 18:18:47 +0000
    It is a shameful disgrace to even consider such actions. I feel we pay far and above most areas in council taxes, will we getting a rebate? As a non driving pensioner, having lived in Corfe Mullen for 50 years I am finding it extremely painful to invisage being left stranded and cut off from civilazation, not to mention all the young people having to get to work or collage. Wil the doctors/nurses be making home visits. We are becoming third world nation. Shame on you all. Please reconsider your budgets, I am sure there are lots of savings that can be made elsewhere without penalising law abiding and tax paying residents. Thank you for your kind consideration in this very life changing action.
  • signed 2017-02-14 17:45:04 +0000
    Whilst we are lucky to have our own transport we know of four elderly people nearby who are regular users of the No.3. So what does the council expect them to do. Disgraceful. No caring no interest .Just bottom line
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    We need the number 3 bus!!! My elderly mother will not be able to get out and about to Wimborne and Poole without it!
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    I would like to see the bus service extended so that I can get from Corfe Mullen to Poole in time for work at Poole Hospital at 7 a.m.and home again when my shift finishes at 19.30.Saturdays and Sundays are out.I car share with my son and he can’t get home from Poole when he finishes work at 7.Taxis are becoming expensive when one of us doesn’t have the car and there’s no bus.When finishing a night shift the first bus home Sunday Hill view post office is 9.10!I am rather envious of people who live on the M1 and M2 route.
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    People will not be able to get to the Doctors or Dentist,and will have to walk from one end of Corfe Mullen Village to the other, taking up to aprox half an hour each way. In all weather conditions
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    You are going to stop the number three bus regardless of how many may be left stranded without this service. If you were to reduce the cost of the bus fares you would find a vast increase in customers! People with a family would be better off catching a cab, and possibley cheaper. Next step i suppose, you could be doing the same to the number 4! Please at least try reducing the fare costs to see if it will make a difference. What is the point of running an empty bus!?