Save the No.18 Bus!

Conservative led Council to cut No. 18 bus route Saved!

Update: We presented a petition with 1000 signatures to Poole Council and are pleased to confirm the No.18 Loop through Broadstone is to be retained, albeit at a slightly reduced service. The last two journeys will be cut, otherwise the service remains unchanged. As always, the message is use it or lose it.

Thank you to everyone who signed this petition. This time you have been listened to.

Local campaigner, Vikki Slade and Councillor Mike Brooke have launched a campaign to save the No. 18 bus route from cuts to bus services.

Poole Council are looking to slash another £152,000 from their budget and hope that cutting the Broadstone bus service will save £19,000.


Vikki Slade, who led the campaign to save the No. 32 bus said: “This bus route is used by elderly and vulnerable people who want to live independently. Poole Council can’t continue to target cuts at people who rely on public transport to get about.”

petitionpic2.pngCllr Mike Brooke said: “We urge local residents to support our petition and reply to the Council’s consultation before 13th November.”

The cuts would mean that the No. 18 would cease to loop round Broadstone before heading back towards Bournemouth.

Please do sign Vikki and Mike's petition today. The Council are running an online consultation until 13th November, visit to have you say.

Click here for the petition to save the No. 3 bus in Corfe Mullen.

Add your signature to the petition below to ensure that the No. 18 bus continues it's route in Broadstone.


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    Sign the petition: Save the No.18 Bus - Local campaigner, Vikki Slade and Councillor Mike Brooke have launched...
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    The bus time table needs EXPANDING in Corfe Mullen NOT scrapping or reducing.
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    Allen Hodges
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    Quite a few people work in Poole and needs that service daily. Please remember that not everybody drives
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    Not everybody has a car, and those that do are continually asked to reduce pollution by using public transport. Also how can the powers to be plan to build hundreds of new homes in Corfe Mullen and for the village then not to have a bus service. If everyone travelled to Poole, Wimborne or Broadstone by car, there would not be enough parking available, it is difficult enough in Wimborne now before all the new homes planned there are built. Joined up thinking needed please.
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    Please also sign petition to keep no 3 bus which is vital for Corfe Mullen
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    I cannot understand the logic of giving planing permission to construct accomodation without parking places in order to encourage residents to use Public Transport, and then taking it away.
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    Please keep 18 route around Broadstone
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    Sign the petition: Save the No.18 Bus - Local campaigner, Vikki Slade and Councillor Mike Brooke have launched...
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    My children use this service to get home from school
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    This is the only way my children get to school
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    The bus is always busy, if everyone got in a car to drive into Wimborne, the traffic and parking would become considerably worse, clogging the streets, defeating the object of fewer vehicles on the road creating fumes and road wear. The elderly would be severely disadvantaged in not being able to get out to shop. Many young mothers and students also use the bus.
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