Broadstone bus services No.18 to continue

Broadstone's No.18 bus service escapes Conservatives' cuts thanks to Lib Dem petition.


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£158m to be cut from Dorset's health budget

The Lib Dems want to make sure your voice is heard.


The Conservative Governments' funding cuts to the NHS mean that vital health services are going to be dramatically cut across the county.

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Cllr Susan Jefferies launches petition to save No. 3 bus

County Councillor, Susan Jefferies has launched a campaign to save the No. 3 bus route from cuts to bus services.


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Landslide victory for Vikki Slade

Community campaigner Vikki Slade elected in the Broadstone by-election with almost 70% of the vote.


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Vikki Slade and Cllr Mike Brooke launch petition to save No. 18 bus

Local campaigner, Vikki Slade and Councillor Mike Brooke have launched a campaign to save the No. 18 bus route from cuts to bus services.


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Vikki Slade selected to fight Broadstone by-election

Community campaigner Vikki Slade was unanimously selected by the Liberal Democrats to fight in a major local by-election in Broadstone triggered by the resignation of a Conservative Councillor.


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Massive changes for Dorset's local authorities

The Lib Dems want to make sure your voice is heard.


How can you have your say?

Up to now the Tory Administration has kept us in the dark but now there is chance for you to have your say. For full details of the public consultation visit: 

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Over 18,000 new members as Lib Dems set out commitment to Europe

Mid Dorset and North Poole Liberal Democrats have been welcoming many new members, part of over 18,000 who have joined the party nationwide since the EU referendum.

Parliamentary spokesperson, Vikki Slade said: "We are delighted to welcome so many people to the party. It's clear that people feel politicians and institutions are out of touch and have let them down.

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Talking Sense on Europe

Many of the claims made by both sides, though particularly by Brexit are no more than pious hopes.  George Osborne's claim that every household will be £4,300 worse off by 2030 if the UK leaves the EU is ludicrous, Ludicrous because every household will be differently affected.  But similarly the Brexit claim that if we leave every thing will be fine is equally ludicrous.

So what would be sensible claims?

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Lib Dems take to the streets to campaign to remain in the EU

Vikki Slade and the Local Lib Dem team speak to residents on Broadstone Broadway to drum up support for the EU referendum 'INtogether' campaign. 


With the EU referendum just a matter of weeks away, the Mid Dorset and North Poole Lib Dems are taking to the streets to speak to local residents about their vote.

At the weekend they held a street stall in Broadstone and spoke to shoppers about what it would mean for Dorset if Britain votes to leave.

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