Purbeck: New year consultation on revised local plan

Have your say: January consultation on revised plans.


Purbeck District Council are aiming to hold a full public consultation focusing on revised plans for new housing development in the district for a period of six weeks commencing in January 2018.

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Wimborne: Car Parking charges to rise in the new year

Shane Bartlett: “New overnight charges could damage Wimborne’s economy.”

East Dorset District Council has gone out to consultation with the public on proposed increases for Car Parking charges in Wimborne and Ferndown.

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Universal Credit Chaos

Dorset residents pushed into poverty by failed welfare reform.

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New Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable will lead the fight to change the direction of Britain

Vince Cable: "The Liberal Democrats offer a compassionate, positive vision for the future - investment in public services, support for businesses to create jobs and a fairer deal for young people."


Vince Cable has set out his priorities for a better future for Britain as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

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Conservative cuts mean Dorset schools among hardest hit in the country

Vikki Slade: "We should be giving our children every chance to succeed at local schools.”


A National Union of Teachers (NUT) and Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) study suggests that Dorset schools will be some of the hardest hit by Conservative Government cuts to school funding.

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Lib Dems launch petition to save Dorset's buses

Conservatives plan to slash Dorset’s number buses from 35 to just 7.


The Conservative led Dorset County Council are set to cut bus services across the county again by reducing the number of supported bus services from 35 to just 7.

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Poole Council Conservatives reject referendum on merger

Liberal Democrat proposal for referendum on merger rejected by Conservatives


Conservative led Poole Council has voted in favour of a merger with Bournemouth and Christchurch to form a 'super-council'.

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Petition launched to stop Poole Council doubling car parking charges

Conservative council to raise car park fees by 150%


Liberal Democrat Councillors for Broadstone Mike Brooke and Vikki Slade have launched a campaign to stop the hike in car parking fees after the Conservative cabinet at Poole Council voted to raise the cost of parking by 150%.

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"Leaving the single market will be a disaster for our economy"

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, speaks out on May's Brexit speech


Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has criticised the Prime Minister for declaring that she is taking Britain out of the Single Market and denying the British people a say on the final deal.

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Dorset Lib Dems are fighting back

29 local by-election seats gained, a parliamentary by-election won and 20,000 new members, the Lib Dems are fighting back.


The Liberal Democrat Fightback is well underway.

Last year, the Lib Dems gained 29 local council seats in by-elections.

Here in Dorset, Lib Dem Vikki Slade scooped nearly 70% of the vote in the Broadstone by-election making it one of the largest gains of the year nationally. 

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