GP Surgeries Under Threat

front_200px.jpgDorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are considering a strategy document that is proposing a drastic reduction in the number of what they call “sites delivering Primary Care” or what we call GP’s Surgeries. You can read the report here.

Page 31 concerns East Dorset and North Poole where it envisages a reduction in GP locations from 13 at present to between 5-10.

Page 32 concerns Poole Central where it envisages a reduction in GP locations from 15 at present to between 5-9.

Page 33 concerns Purbeck and envisages a reduction in GP locations from 6 at present to between 2-4.

These reductions are shockingly large and will effect thousands of local residents and yet the Dorset CCG are not proposing to consult the public about this report at all.

We believe that the public have the right to know about this proposal and should have the right to have a say before any definite decision is taken.

I/We call on the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group to fully consult the public on their proposals to drastically reduce the number of GP surgeries contained in the report Primary Care and Commissioning Strategy and Plan 2016-2021.

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    How will the most needy access even fewer GP practices!?!
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    NB. I am not a supporter of the Liberal Democrats but support this campaign…
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    These proposals are shocking, and another reminder (not that we needed it) of the relentless and sinister determination of the present administration to privatise the NHS.
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    Poole hospital is central for most residents from the area, going to to bournemouth A&E would be difficult for the elderly and people with no transport. STAY WITH POOLE HOSPITAL. & KEEP ALL GP SURGERIES OPEN.
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    First we are told go to your GP with anything other than a fairly major problem, agree to that, but now it is being suggested that we go to some impersonal Surgery that could be some distance away but as the buses are being cut how do the more infirm amongst us manage that?
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    The CCG should explain why they think this is a good idea and should definitely consult the public. On the face of it this seems a very bad proposal.
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    Many people, myself included, wish to pay more tax in order to fully fund the NHS and ensure that medical treatment icontinues to be free for all. This government is deliberately ignoring the crisis in the NHS I beli in order for it to fail. And then they will put it out to private tender. They had a similar strategy with the railways, when they run by the state. This government should be confronted with what I think is a hidden agenda.
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    Closing GP surgeries is ludicrous considering the Government is considering MORE ‘Care in the Community’ to relieve the pressure on hospitals.

    Also the closure, or downsizing, of the Accident and Emergency units at Poole and Dorchester will mean longer journeys for patients who will be redirected to The Royal Bournemouth Hospital which is already overstretched, and minutes save lives!

    Why, oh WHY, does the Government continue to fill our country with ‘incomers’, many of whom contribute to the economy as business owners, employees, etc. which is perfectly acceptable, but many of whom do not, which means that each tax payer is not only supporting themselves but countless others, The National Health Service cannot continue to treat people for free i.e. non Tax / National Insurance payers.

    To illustrate my point regarding over-population, if I live alone in a property and manage my finances correctly, I can live reasonably well. If I then invite a few extra people into my house and they pay towards their keep, it may be a little crowded, but we can again manage a reasonable lifestyle.

    However, if I open my door to ‘all comers’ and only a very small number of them contribute to their keep, I am certain that the situation will soon become unsustainable.

    I rest my case!
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    I came from an area that had a so called ‘super surgery’. It was way out of town with no bus service, not much help to those without a car. Not only that, there was no choice over which Doctor was seen. I moved to this area with a wonderful surgery which has the most caring attitude I have ever known. We do have to wait longer now to see a named Doctor but all are exceptional as is the attitude of all staff, I would hate to have to return to the past experience again !
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    As is often the case nowadays – words fail me. if only we could put an NHS ring-fenced 1p on our basic rate of tax, perhaps these ‘issues’ (which I call them problems) could be solved or at least alleviated.
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    Such far fetched ideas are a sign of desperation. Putting our eggs in one basket is always a bad idea leading to impersonal and uncaring service levels. Spend the money and cut Trident and the non operational atomic submarines.
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    Poole A&E has helped me and my husband a few times – getting to Bournemouth is traumatic (even more so with no bus to get to Poole to catch another bus!). We seem to be becoming a third world country, not the leader we were – glad I’m old and will be dead soon! (Without our health services that’ll be even sooner now!)
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    Chris Morle

    Let us have a national discussion about other options to fund an improved NHS. If France and Germany can provide better doctor patient ratios and greater proportion of GDP spent so can we. There is a dishonesty about how the debate is framed.
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    Don’t let this happen.
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    Cutting the Health Budget is crazy. MORE cash is needed with population growth and people living longer — raise NI contributions instead of cutting much-needed services!